Come to my place at nine. Plan to stay the night. I like to cuddle


[places both hands on shoulders] [comes close to ear] [whispers] maureen was bisexual


Yo. I had to wait until my dad fell asleep so I could steal his keys.

fangirl challenge  -  [2/10] male characters

        cedric diggory  “harry. take my body back, will you? take my  body back to my                   father.”

Queen Mary per episode: Pilot

We don’t decide who lives or dies. - Clarke Griffin

crystal said that out of all the guys on teen wolf, tyler hoechlin smells the best

it’s how you know you really got a home.  when you leave it there’s this feeling you can’t shake. you just miss it.

Every actor has her one actor heartbreak — you put all of your thought into an audition, then all of a sudden your bubble bursts. I auditioned for ‘The Dark Knight’ and went really far and then didn’t get it. I was completely devastated. The next week or so, I remember looking out my window and they were filming. I thought it could either turn me into a depressed person, or I could take it as a sign that I need to move, so I did the latter and moved to LA and got an agent.